Modern Conflict Research Symposium, 3 Feb. 2018, University of Bradford

By Martin Wilcox | 29 September 2017 |

Policy engagement at a local level: a workshop for historians by Mike Reeve

By Martin Wilcox | 14 September 2017 |

  On Friday 8 September, I attended a fantastic workshop at the University of Leeds, focussed on equipping historians with the skills required for effective engagement with public policy and policy-makers. This was organised by academics from the University of Leeds, in partnership with History & Policy, a national network that promotes the application of…

Powering the Power House: New Perspectives on Country House Communities

By Martin Wilcox | 7 September 2017 |

New Powering the Power House – Call For Papers 25-26 June 2018, University of Sheffield & Chatsworth

The History of Remploy Uncovered

By Martin Wilcox | 6 September 2017 |

With my PhD project focusing on Remploy, a placement with the company itself was a logical choice, if, perhaps, an unusual one. Rather than working with a heritage organisation, I would be working with a now private company to highlight its own heritage. Fortunately, Remploy has proved to be highly supportive of my project and…

Eve Hartley on placement at Heritage Quay

By Martin Wilcox | 29 August 2017 |

Heritage Quay’s special collections on the institutional history of the University of Huddersfield dating back to its founding as the Young Men’s Mental Improvement Society in 1841 (which was swiftly renamed the Huddersfield Mechanics’ Institute) have been an integral component of my research on northern mechanics’ institutes. As a student of the university I was…

Ann-Marie Foster at The British Library

By Martin Wilcox | 20 August 2017 |

The summer of 2016. London. A heatwave: temperatures soared above 30 degrees. While the rest of England was melting, I was sat in the rather chilly staff area of the British Library pouring over hundred year old paper associated with World War One. The official title of the placement I undertook was ‘First World War…

Learning to Love the Modern

By Martin Wilcox | 16 August 2017 |

First Impressions. Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a self-confessed modern art-phobe. Which probably isn’t the easiest thing for an art historian to admit. After dedicating my academic career to the study of ancient art, I confess I find it hard to rationalise the graceful forms of the art of the ancient world…

University of Bradford/AHRC Heritage Consortium PhD student works with Japanese woodblock print masterpieces in advance of exhibition at the British Museum

By Martin Wilcox | 23 June 2017 |

An upcoming exhibition at the British Museum, ‘Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave’ will include works analysed by University of Bradford/Heritage Consortium PhD student Peter McElhinney. Peter completed analysis on several Japanese woodblock prints during a Heritage Consortium placement within the British Museum’s Department of Scientific Research. These included the iconic prints ‘Under the wave off…

Literary Biography Symposium

By Martin Wilcox | 23 May 2017 |

Literary Biography Symposium Huddersfield ENGLISH LITERATURE & CREATIVE WRITING at the UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD A HALF-DAY SYMPOSIUM Monday 19 June 2017 1pm – 4pm Oastler Building (OA6/09)  

The Heritage Consortium & NECAH conference 2017: A Time and A Place

By Martin Wilcox | 22 May 2017 |

University of Hull and Hull History Centre 6-7 June 2017 HC&NECAH conference programme                  

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