Adiva Lawrence

Decolonial Archives and Melancholia: the case of the International Slavery Museum of Liverpool

Amy Graham

Everyday London bus travel (1938 to 1988): heritage interpretation of past lived experience

Joe Hopkinson

Educating Commonwealth Immigrant Children in the Industrial North, 1960-1980

Marie Charles

“Everyone Matters”: Why damaged histories in the UK schooling system engage with the exclusion and myth of black inferiority in the teaching profession

Mark Butterfield

The Traumascape of the Great War: Locating a Historical Geography of Trauma

Nicola Guy

Exhibiting a New City: The role of architecture in the Berlin Biennale and its contribution to shaping alternative post-reunification collective identities in Berlin (1998 – 2018)

Rosemary Stubbs

“All workers are exploited, some are more exploited than others”: A Study Informed by the Feminist Artists of 1970s Britain

Ruth O’Donoghue

‘’Come away, O human child!’’ Reconstructing the early life history of the Industrial child through carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis of dentine collagen

Ruth Quinn

How can engagement with communities support and safeguard the legacy and sustainable future of Milner Fields Farm and wider agrarian heritage in Saltaire?

Tom Ratcliffe

Cultural Heritage and Fracking in the North York Moors National Park: An investigation into the heritage policies in natural environments, decision-making regarding protection, the impact on visitors and the role of the public

Vivienne Evans

International voices of the British Federation of Youth Co-operatives and the Woodcraft Folk: past, future and present