Alex Wilson

Pretend You’ll Survive : Independent Film and Video in Yorkshire, 1970-1990

Sarah Ashbridge

Military Identification: Death, Burial and Identification in the Landscape of Industrial War, 1914-1918

Lucie Wade 

‘Beyond the control of his parents’: Juvenile Crime and Punishment in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1856-1914

Jane Stockdale

Museums in Mind: The therapeutic role of the museum for individuals with mental health issues

Lizzie Rodgers

Women and the World: Explorers from the Home during the Enlightenment in Britain

Helen Keighley

Presenting heritage: public impact, relevance and sustainability through volunteer involvement

Frances Guy

Examining the impact of commissioned contemporary art in post-industrial heritage sites

Tracey Jones

Gender and identity: The relationship between femininity and dress in Victorian mining districts in England and Wales