Our 2015 cohort of students and their research projects are (descriptions arriving soon):

Shabina Aslam

Bussing Out: an exploration into the impact of the Dispersal Policy on migrant children

Rebecca Cessford

Stannington Sanatorium for tuberculous children: A potential use of radiographic imagery in reporting on tuberculosis in non-adult human remains

Helen Clarke

‘Streetwalker: The Flȃneuse and the electronic Flȃneur’

Gary Daly

Football Hooliganism, Left-Wing Political Activism and Secondary Industrial Action, in North-Eastern England and Yorkshire during the 1970s and 1980s

Ann-Marie Foster

The Ephemera of Remembrance in the Wake of War and Disaster, c. 1899-1939

Catherine Goddard

Securing a future: a comparative study investigating the heritage management of interpretation and visitor experience at historic houses in the East Midlands

Nicole Harding

The Gott Collection and the palimpsest landscape of Yorkshire: a co-production case study

Andy Holroyde

Remploy: The Changing Face of Disability Employment in Britain 1944-2014.

Amelia Knowlson

The Printed Museum: 3D printings impact on museum audience, policy and practice

Hywel Lewis

Interactions between human industry and woodland ecology in the South Pennines: 1600 – present

Peter McElhinney

Recovery of Ulster’s Gaelic Material Heritage as a Resource for Contemporary Cultural Expression

Andrew McTominey

Heritage and Identity: The reservoirs of the Washburn Valley c.1860-1989

Rebecca Nelson

Legacies on Display: Antislavery in Museums

Rhiannon Pickin

Experiencing Crime and Punishment: Emotions, Perceptions and Reponses to Crime and Penal Heritage in Courtroom and Prison Museums

Michael Reeve

Transcending space? Port towns, community and place identity: the experience of civilian bombardment on the North East coast of England during the First World War

Rebecca Saunders

‘Sisters are doing it for themselves?’ The effects of deindustrialisation on the lives of Teesside Women, 1970 – 1990

Sarah Taylor

An Investigation into Battlefield Burial Practices in England between the Fifteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.