Our 2014 cohort of students and their research projects are:

James Beighton

Reasoning the need: questioning the value and role of the visual arts in the life of an industrial town

Nicole Cochrane

Appropriating Antiquity: Greco-Roman Sculpture and the British Public 1770-1900

Eve Hartley

The Impact of the Mechanics’ Institute Movement on Art, Design and Culture in the North of England

Jacqueline Hayes

The emergence of open-air education in industrial and de-industrialising society during the first half of the twentieth century with particular reference to the concept of the ‘delicate child’

Annie Hicks

Digital intangible cultural heritage commodities and their use in heritage organisations for engaging visitors and audiences

Taras Nakonecznyj

Theatres of Memory: The foundation of identity in the historic city

Samuel North

Reclaiming the Islamic legacies of anti-slavery in the post-Apartheid Cape, South Africa

Alice O’Mahoney

Evaluating commercial and developer communication of archaeological finds with communities

Robert Piggott

A Place for Worship? Heritage and Religiosity in England

Rachel Emily Taylor

Heritage as Process: Constructing the Historical Child’s Voice Through Art Practice

Leonie Wieser

History and Heritage in Local Contexts: A Negotiation of Difference and Diversity in Past and Present Tyneside