Rebecca Ellis

‘Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet’: An archaeological discussion of the role of animals and their heritage in societies past and present

Andrew Etherington

Sustainable funding: how is a visitor’s experience affected by arts organisations in the North of England increasing their self-generated income?

Gregory Judges

Heritage in the ‘post-truth’ era: the appropriation of the past in political discourse

Chelsea Landon

The prevalence of skeletal congenital conditions as an indicator of consanguinity in archaeological high and low status populations

Katie Liddane

Bewitching heritage in the northeast of England: Witch trials in Northumberland c.1650-c.1675, and their obscurity from local heritage in the present day

Cyril Maucourant

Introduction of a nanolime in a museum context: from experiments to applications on British Museum collections, a proposal for a protocol for stone conservation

Joseph Moore

A multidisciplinary method for the documentation & propagation of a city’s heritage: the industrial structures of Bradford, West Yorkshire

Lisa Peatfield

Interrogating images of Bergen Belsen Camp: past, present and future

Julia Routh

North East Photographic Archives: how important is community engagement to their future preservation as a cultural resource?

Katherine Steele

Using HBIM to support the conservation & maintenance of listed places of worship

Stephen Walsh

UK City of Culture – placemaking, heritage and identity in urban regeneration